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The Mustang made its first flight on April 23 and, at this writing in late June, had already accumulated some hours of flight testing. The Eclipse and Adam airplanes have been flying for more than a year and have logged hundreds of hours of flight-test time. Some industry observers question whether or not there is enough market for the proliferation of light jets proposed by the companies above.

Critics like to note that the entire jet market consisted of only sales last year, making it unlikely that VLJ manufacturers alone will produce 1, airplanes a year. But the VLJ manufacturers are betting on a changing pattern of transportation, encouraging pilots and non-pilots alike to take advantage of the smaller jets. Eclipse Aviation, for example, just announced an agreement with DayJet Corporation to supply as many as VLJs to operate a new on-demand service on a per-seat basis.

A diplomatic crisis is brewing between Israel and Turkey. Tensions between the two countries were already high in the wake of a popular Turkish television series that features Jew.

ADPI announced financial results today for the quarter and six month period ended June 30, Comparing the second quarter of with the second quarter of Comparing the first six months of with the first six months of The Company expanded two dental facilities and completed four practice affiliations which were combined with its existing affiliated dental group practices in Arizona, New York, Texas and Wisconsin. The Company also completed one platform affiliation with Deerwood Orthodontics and entered into a Service Agreement with a professional association in Minnesota with the intention of developing two de novo practices.

The Company intends to operate this affiliation separate from its existing Minnesota affiliates.

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Description Leonardo formerly Finmeccanica is Italy’s main industrial group, leader in the high technology sector, and ranks among the top ten defence groups worldwide. It operates in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors. MI , the Group recorded revenues of approximately 16 billion euro in Leonardo has a strong international dimension, and boasts a significant position in the following areas of business:

The original concept was for the radar to fill gaps in Sweden’s air defence radar coverage that might result from enemy action against vulnerable ground-based radar sites as well as extending early warning range and enabling radar coverage in new threat directions.

Thu, 21 Feb Despite getting up before 7am we Claire and I did not make it to the city until after 9: Expecting as much I avoided inviting people to a ceremonial send off. Its better to spend time getting the bike right and be late than do a rush job to meet people and have problems on the road. After a few photos outside the GPO, resetting the cycle computer, and the inevitable conversations with strangers that you get when you’re riding a whacky bike it was off to Swanston Walk for a good fry-up breakfast.

After breaky it was off to the Elizabeth St bike and camping stores. I’m carrying far too much stuff. I don’t know yet what’s got to go but I’m need to purge if I’m going to keep the pace required. With all the fiddley stuff required to get the bikes right it was about 1pm by the time we were on the road proper.

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In order to improve range and provide additional space for mission essential systems, the aircraft’s about 2. Heavy stores are housed where the wing meets the body to minimize the need for major strengthening. The wings themselves were subject to as little modification as possible – major structural impacts are relatively modest to keep development costs down.

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Creditors Have Until Nov. Drops Sale, To Exit Ch. Completely Acquired by Q. Asher Enterprises Discloses 9. Hearing on Valuation of Property Reset to Nov. Retirees May Seek Claims vs. Clayton Struve Discloses 9. Plan Confirmation Hearing Resumes Oct. Court Approves Hiring of John D. For The Week From Oct.

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Bolstered by a federal court injunction, thousands of alt-right protesters, including white nationalists and pro-Confederacy groups, planned to hold a rally Saturday in downtown Charlottesville, Va., by the endangered statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee with police on hand to maintain order and the Virginia National Guard on standby.

December 8, NASA: Life with arsenic December 7, Last week, in a much publicized news conference, NASA announced the discovery of a bacterium that can use arsenic instead of phosphorus. The news media covered it with a flourish — and produced much nonsense. The paper was posted at the Science magazine web site, so we can look at what was really shown. Whatever the hype that the news media added, it is an interesting — but incomplete — story.

The figure at left shows a key experiment; this is Figure 1B of the paper. The graph shows the growth of the bacteria under different conditions. Number of cells on the y-axis log scale ; time on the x-axis. The three conditions are, from the top:

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Contractor’s report on how to fly the Martin B Canberra aircraft in emergency single-engine landings. The Martin RB D Canberra was a specialized high-altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft developed from the Martin B Canberra tactical bomber, a licence-built version of the English Electric Canberra. The RB D was built strictly as a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.

AviationWeek Comments. Content. A’s Outsized Impact on Hubs 50 Days Under Israel’s Iron Dome Va. Phone: +1 () Bureau Chief James R. Asker dating back to Great Gatsby era, there has always been a winged alternative. According to aviation lore, Leroy Grumman invented the Goose specifically to.

Posted by Art Diamond at 1: A1 Despite intensifying calls to ban or restrict trophy hunting in Africa after the killing of a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, most conservation groups, wildlife p. A8 management experts and African governments support the practice as a way to maintain wildlife. Hunting, they contend, is part of a complex economy that has so far proven to be the most effective method of conservation, not only in Africa but around the world as well.

While hunting is banned in government parks here in South Africa, animals inside their boundaries are routinely sold to game ranches when their populations are considered excessive, generating money to maintain habitats and fight poachers. And because trophy hunting is legal in private game reserves, the animals end up fetching higher prices than they would in being killed for food or other reasons, conservationists contend.

In southern Africa, the emergence of a regulated trophy hunting industry on private game ranches in the s helped restore vast stretches of degraded habitats and revive certain species, like the southern white rhinoceros, which had been hunted almost to extinction, conservationists say. A similar shift occurred in the United States decades earlier when the Pittman-Robertson Act of allocated the proceeds from hunting to bring back lands and animals, they argue. B1 Karen Aiach was working as a management consultant when she learned that her first daughter, Ornella, had Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare disease in which a missing enzyme causes toxic substances to build up in the body.

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Located in the exclusive preserve subdivision, just minutes from Telluride, the ski area and golf course, this property has an outstanding private building site with southern exposure, and is truly a one-of-a-kind parcel of land. The purchase price includes bercovitz schematic drawings which were previously approved by HArC. Wonderful development oppor tunity in a prime location in Telluride.

Ward, broKer Lodges Lane, Mountain Village Fabulous four bedroom, three and one-half bath home with a loft and a two-car attached garage in the Lodges on Sundance condominium complex.

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On one end of the air route, it said, are cocaine-producing areas in the Andes controlled by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. On the other are some of West Africa’s most unstable countries. The report, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, was ignored, and the problem has since escalated into what security officials in several countries describe as a global security threat. The clandestine fleet has grown to include twin-engine turboprops, executive jets and retired Boeing s that are flying multi-ton loads of cocaine and possibly weapons to an area in Africa where factions of al-Qaida are believed to be facilitating the smuggling of drugs to Europe, the officials say.

The aircraft hopscotch across South American countries, picking up tons of cocaine and jet fuel, officials say. They then soar across the Atlantic to West Africa and the Sahel, where the drugs are funneled across the Sahara Desert and into Europe. An examination of documents and interviews with officials in the United States and three West African nations suggest that at least 10 aircraft have been discovered using this air route since Officials warn that many of these aircraft were detected purely by chance.

They caution that the real number involved in the networks is likely considerably higher. Office on Drugs and Crime, cautioned in Dakar this week that the aviation network has expanded in the past 12 months and now likely includes several Boeing aircraft.

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Engineering ethics and science and technology studies. Craig Hanks John Weckert, Charles Sturt University, Australia. For further broadcasting, reproduction on micro films or in any other physical way, and transmission or information storage.

The French needed a lighter aircraft that was suitable for carrier use, and were reportedly unwilling to cede design authority over the project. As is so often true of French defense procurement policy, the choice came down to paying additional costs for full independence and exact needs, or losing key industrial capabilities by partnering or buying abroad.

France has generally opted for expensive but independent defense choices, and the Rafale was no exception. Those costs, and associated delays triggered by the end of the Cold War and reduced funding, proved to be very costly indeed. Unlike previous French fighters, which relied on exports to lower their costs and keep production lines humming, the Rafale has yet to secure a single export contract — in part because initial versions were hampered by impaired capabilities in key roles.

The Rafale may, at last, be ready to be what its vendors say: Variants Rafales click to view full The Rafale is a 9. Despite its size, the Rafale can carry an impressive set of ordnance beyond its 30mm DEFA cannon: At present, this capability is only duplicated by Russian aircraft:

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Comment The book is meant to serve either as a course book covering an entire course The Romantic Polytechnician in the Philosophy and. Philosophy in Engineering For new Academica titles please refer to www. Torben Bystrup Jacobsen E-mail: The main target group is engineering students in their third year of studies.

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Atiyah Abd al-Rahman was alleged to be second in command prior to his death on August 22, One of them is thought to have been Sayed Tayib al-Madani. He replaced Saif al-Adel , who had served as interim commander. The Law Committee reviews Sharia law , and decides whether particular courses of action conform to it. In the late s, there was a publicly known Media Committee, which ran the now-defunct newspaper Nashrat al Akhbar Newscast and handled public relations.

In , al-Qaeda formed As-Sahab , a media production house, to supply its video and audio materials. Command structure Al-Qaeda is not operationally managed by Ayman al-Zawahiri. Operational groups consult with the leadership in situations where attacks are in preparation The Wilson Centre Al-Qaeda is a way of working However, author and journalist Adam Curtis argues that the idea of al-Qaeda as a formal organization is primarily an American invention.

Curtis contends the name “al-Qaeda” was first brought to the attention of the public in the trial of bin Laden and the four men accused of the US embassy bombings in East Africa: The reality was that bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri had become the focus of a loose association of disillusioned Islamist militants who were attracted by the new strategy.

But there was no organization. These were militants who mostly planned their own operations and looked to bin Laden for funding and assistance.

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