How can I tell if the throttle position sensor has failed

My Response Mate, That sort of voltage would be what I’d expect when the battery is stuffed. Really, anything over I’m not sure of the resistance you should see on the windings, I’ve never had to troubleshoot that far. I’ll have a look at ours and update the guide at some stage. I had exactly the same thing happen with our cc quad. A new quality Yuasa battery fixed it. I get just under 13v with the motor running and the headlight on. If you had a stuffed reg or stator coil, you probably wouldn’t be getting even 12v! Swap the battery over and let me know how you get on. Farnk Since I wrote the two guides a while ago a couple of other issues have cropped up with our bikes.


Customer review of kit. However, to keep this program going, we need your cylinder back as a ‘core’ so we can install sleeves in those cylinders and sell them to other customers. These installations are done in batches, and the sleeves are installed in cylinders that have been professionally cleaned and refurbished to like new status.

This deluxe-sized mini bike effortlessly accommodates teens and adults up to lbs! Forget about all of your constant refueling worries because this bike has a large capacity fuel tank!; COMFORT, STYLE & FREEBIES – Dual front suspension cushions the ride while the large and wide off-road tires increase ground clearance and improve traction.

Serial Number Locations The throttle grip is located on the right side of the handlebars. It is used to reduce the engine speed and, thus, the driving speed. Right hand brake lever 50 Mini Adventure The right hand brake lever is used to operate the front wheel brake via a con The basic position can be adjusted to fit your child’s hand. Left hand brake lever The left hand brake lever is used to operate the rear wheel brake via a control cable.

When pulling the choke lever fully towards the top, a bore is opened in the carbu- retor. Through this bore the engine can take in additional fuel. This results in a rich fuel-air mixture that is needed for a cold start. Initially, your youngster should ride back and forth between two — KTM mini models are designed for one person only. Passengers persons who help the young rider to stop the motorcycle. For safety reasons, you should make it a habit to perform an overall check of your motorcycle before each start.

The following checks should be performed:

Coleman CTU

In the unfortunate situation where you end up with a broken throttle cable on your motorcycle, you will need to know how to repair it if you decide to do it yourself. Motorcycles are difficult to work with in some respects, owing to the minimal amount of movement and room to get your hands into small crevices between parts. This can be quite hazardous so make sure you follow the proper order of procedure when undertaking the job.

Step 1 — Situating the Motorcycle Place the motorcycle in a well-lit area so you are able to see every component that you will be working with. Secure the motorcycle so it does not wobble when you work. Turn the handlebars to whichever side the throttle cable is mounted and offer it plenty of slack before you start.

SUNL Throttle Cables. Most popular Throttle Cables for SUNL ATV, Dirt Bike, Scooter, etc. Cylinders, engines, gaskets, magneto rotors.

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With enough torque to spin up the dirt and conquer any hill, this little electric rocket will give you an hour or more of nonstop fun for only a few pennies per battery charge. Our detailed DIY electric minibike plan will show you how to create your own fun recreational vehicle that can be used anywhere due to its absolutely silent operation. Now, you can have a blast without disturbing the peace! Sparky utilizes a high quality DC electric motor and controller, and can be tailored for run time, top speed, or maximal torque.

Imagine doing the city speed limit on a tiny electric minibike that is small enough to fit in a suitcase, or how about pulling your buddy up a massive hill on a skateboard without even slowing down – Sparky can easily pull it off! Cheap electric pocket bikes and gas minibikes have nothing on this extremely durable and mighty electric minibike, and you get to build it yourself.

Dan’s Motorcycle “Twist Grip Throttles”

EWC also delivers more power by eliminating pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating improving combustion efficiency. It also generates very low vapor pressures which reduces strain on cooling system components. Installation requires just a bit more than dumping the old fluid and adding the EWC. Please click on the ‘Instructions’ button below to see those directions.

Easy to handle: The mini bike’s large comfortable seat, spring loaded foot pegs, and motorcycle- style throttle ensure a great ride. Easy to charge: Comes with a charger that connects directly to the E built-in charger hook up and fully charges the battery pack in 6 hours.

If you want, I can probably sell you mine cheap. But that might be too heavy. I don’t know what you’d use. I made a mini-kart out of my sister’s Kitty Cat engine 60cc 2-stroke, single-speed clutch and an old Radio Flyer pedal-powered car. Extended the frame, fabbed up engine mounts and bolted an old plastic school chair to the frame, hooked some vice-grips to the steering stem, and made an over the shoulder throttle cable.

That thing RIPPED for a single-speed 60, it probably went close to 20 mph topped out and the kart frame was so light probably 5 or 6 lbs without engine, maybe a total of 30 with the engine, probably closer to 25 or so it would do a burnout and shoot “roost” all the way up to it’s top speed. I remember I tried to ride it like a motorized skateboard once, fell on my ass and got road rash and dirt embedded in one cheek LOL. I still have that dark blue streak of scar.

Why don’t you make it a pocket-bike instead of trike?

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What diagrams are available for the install of Tecumseh A on an H This is a mini bike throttle conversion that I am struggling to install. A diagram showing the attachment to the governer and linkage would be very helpful.

With adjustable handlebars, motorcycle-inspired throttle control and low-profile tires, this mini bike can be easily mastered by even its youngest riders. Pre-assembled – attach handlebars, charge it up, and go!

We also design and manufacture individual throttle bodies and induction systems for low volume niche sportscar, motorcycle and small range extender engine manufacturers having often taken charge of the design and development process. Jenvey Dynamics design, develop and manufacture all significant throttle body and induction system components in our single UK manufacturing site. This enables the close control of quality, research and confidentiality, essential in all forms of motorsport.

Focusing on performance, reliability, lightness and value, backed up by our own motorsport success, we know what it takes to win! Jenvey Dynamics have been offering customers a complete in house service from design and development, through to the manufacture of their induction systems for over 25 years. We deliver products of the highest quality at outstanding value. We have established ourselves as a manufacturer renowned worldwide for service, leading innovative design and quality precision engineering of outstanding, reliable performance products.

As the leading supplier on the motorsport grid, we know what it takes to be the best.

Throttle help for mini bike

You can start them off on a pedal car to encourage a fondness exploring the outdoors! With this ride on car they can navigate the neighborhood safely with their friends. To ensure comfort and safety during use, the Berg Buddy pedal car also features a swing axle. For safety purposes, it is advised to wear protective gear such as helmets and pads.

The Berg Buddy pedal car can withstand a weight limit of up to pounds. The Kawasaki KFX has a sturdy frame made of tough steel construction that ensures durability and safety.

The Atomic Zombie Sparky electric power minibike is a wickedly fun battery powered minibike in a very small package. With enough torque to spin up the dirt and conquer any hill, this little electric rocket will give you an hour or more of nonstop fun for only a few pennies per battery charge.

Three LED 24 Volt battery pack indicator lights: Red, green, black, white, yellow, and brown wires with female connector pins for black wire connectors. For use on the right side of handlebars with thumb throttles. For use on the left side of handlebars with all throttle types. This throttle has 5 wires and 3 LED indicator lights. To determine the correct throttle for your vehicle select your model. Replaces throttles with 5 wires and 3 LED indicator lights.

Throttle hook up predator engine minibike